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The spirit of innovation on which Edoardo Bianchi built his company lives on at Bianchi, both in Italy and here in the U.S.A.

In a secluded and secure section of the Bianchi facility in Treviglio, Italy, is the famed Reparto Corse (Italian for Race Department.) Here unique, often patented, techniques and processes flow from the minds and hands of some of the most skilled engineers and craftsmen in the bicycle world.

The bicycles of Bianchi?s Reparto Corse have won more important races than any other brand... more than all of the currently available brands combined.

In the past few years, Reparto Corse has branched out to apply its research and knowledge of carbon fiber to highstress components such as forks, cranksets and seat posts.

Meanwhile, half a world away in the near-perfect cycling environment of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Product Development team of Bianchi USA has been designing remarkable bikes specifically for the US. It is here that the world?s first real Cross-Terrain bike, the Bianchi Volpe, was designed and developed. And the Bianchi Milano. And seven generations of single-speed mountain bikes. And the ground-breaking Cross Concept and Pista Concept seen at left.

And, well, if you find a bicycle on these pages that doesn?t display the Reparto Corse symbol, it was designed and developed specifically for the U.S. by Bianchi USA.