Whether you're cruising up to the ice cream shop, meandering along the local bike path with the kids in tow, spending the whole day on a fundraising ride, or heading out on a rail trail adventure, a Bianchi Turismo model is the comfortable, nimble, and fun choice for arriving in style!??

Bianchi pioneered the Cross Terrain / Hybrid category back in the '80s by combining the lightweight frame of a road bike with the wide tires, cushy saddle, and straight handlebar of the popular mountain bike. The result was a lighter, more responsive, all-round bike with a more upright riding position that could be ridden faster and farther for the same amount of effort.

With timeless graphics and bold Italian fashion colors, Bianchi Turismo bicycles make a statement as they glide on by!


Venezia Step-Thru Cream
Venezia Step-Thru
Venezia Diamond Black
Venezia Diamond
Milano Mens 3spd
Milano Tre
Milano Dama (CK - Celeste)
Milano Dama
Iseo Dama - 2016 Image
Iseo Dama
Torino (C2 - Celeste)
Torino Dama (T7 - Silver Blue)
Torino Dama
Cortina (KP - Grey-Blue)
Cortina Dama (B6 - Yellow)
Cortina Dama
Countervail® Carbon Frame

Thomson Bike Tours

powered by Bianchi

Three unique cycling adventures across the Italian Alps and the fabulous Tuscan hills

Internationally-famed cycling tour operator Thomson Bike Tours and Bianchi team-up together again to launch three new exciting and exclusive trips: Ruta Negra Italia, L'Eroica and Trans-Lombardia Challenge (the second edition). All guests will be equipped with Bianchi’s award-winning Infinito CV model – “The Hottest bike of 2015” (by Bicycling Magazine).

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