Warranty Policy

Bianchi U.S.A., Inc. Warrants that any NEW Bianchi bicycle purchased from an authorized Bianchi dealer will be free from defects in material and workmanship (proof of purchase is mandatory), subject to the Full Limited Warranty Policies as outlined in the Bianchi Owner's Manual:

2011 and newer:

  • All Frames, All materials = 5 years

2006 - 2010:

  • Titanium and non-RC steel frames = 10 years
  • Aluminum, RC-steel, and carbon frames = 5 years


  • Titanium and non-RC steel frames = 10 years
  • Non-RC aluminum frames = 5 years
  • RC and carbon frames = 3 years

1999 and earlier:

  • Steel frames = 10 years
  • Aluminum frames = 5 years
Countervail® Carbon Frame

Thomson Bike Tours

powered by Bianchi

Three unique cycling adventures across the Italian Alps and the fabulous Tuscan hills

Internationally-famed cycling tour operator Thomson Bike Tours and Bianchi team-up together again to launch three new exciting and exclusive trips: Ruta Negra Italia, L'Eroica and Trans-Lombardia Challenge (the second edition). All guests will be equipped with Bianchi’s award-winning Infinito CV model – “The Hottest bike of 2015” (by Bicycling Magazine).

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