Oltre XR4 Disc Frameset

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A1 AS B1 BS C D E F G G1 Y X
470 420 515 500 400 58 105 579 74.5° 70.5° 490 377
500 450 525 515 400 58 110 581 74.5° 71.5° 499 384
530 480 535 525 406 68 125 582 74° 72° 525 385
550 500 550 540 407 68 140 588 73.5° 72.5° 541 390
570 520 560 550 407 68 155 593 73.5° 73° 557 395
590 540 575 565 409 68 175 603 73° 73° 576 398
610 560 585 575 411 68 195 607 72.5° 73° 595 399
Oltre XR4 Disc Frameset (1Z)

MSRP: $5,900.00


Bianchi engineers have created their most aerodynamic road frame to date. Through CFD software, extensive wind tunnel testing at the F1 facility in France, and Flow Visualization, the XR4 can be piloted at 50k/hr and require 20 watts less power from the rider to hold that speed versus the outgoing Oltre XR2 platform. Since the XR2, every tube on the XR4 has been redesigned from the ground up with major focus on the first 40cm of the bike. None is more obvious than the use of the Vision Metron 5d handlebar, the bold fork profile, head tube shaping, and top tube/ down tube design.



Excellent stability at high speeds makes Bianchi's XR4 ideal when tackling different types of surfaces during fast accelerations, mountain descents, and super high-speed corners. Bianchi’s Countervail construction in the XR4 reduces muscle fatigue; allowing the rider stability, maximum power, and control for holding an aero position during long periods of time. A direct mount braking systems provides powerful braking performance for halting the XR4 during high speed mountain descents.



Bianchi collaborated with Materials Sciences Corporations to develop our innovative and exclusive use of MSC's patented Countervail® integrated vibration cancelling system for cycling. Countervail® is a patented viscoelastic carbon material with a unique fiber architecture that cancels up to 80% of vibrations while increasing the stiffness and strength of our carbon frames and forks.

Countervail is embedded within the layup of Bianchi CV high-performance models: Specialissima, Oltre XR4, Infinito CV, Methanol CV, and Aquila CV. Each application of CV is engineered to optimally perform within that frame’s specific use and riding environment.



Traditional passive damping in frames using superficial rubber inserts and isolators are marginally effective compared to the integrated carbon Countervail® system developed by Bianchi for cycling and proven in the extreme conditions of NASA aerospace operations.

Countervail® Carbon Frame

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